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Pictures illustrating sex, plumages, subspecies features in Dunlin*
Recent recoveries*
2c ratio*
Log: additions and changes*
Bill length account*
Feather weights*
Adult buff coverts*
The Meissner scale*
Subspecies, Distribution, Counts*
Counts of Dunlin, global (data and links to 185 sites 19.4.08)*
Literature list: Dunlins A-J* (121 entries 14.8.09)
Literature list: Dunlins K-Z* (135 entries 5.9.09)
Literature list: Waders general A-L* (44 entries 8.9.07)
Literature list: Waders general M-Z* (61 entries 11.2.08)
Dunlin studies in the Sound area: Introduction*
I: Phenology and biometry of Dunlin, migrating by way of the Sound area, S. Sweden*
II: Migrating Dunlin in the Baltic area: the moult issue*
III: Wintering and spring staging Dunlin in the South Baltic area*
IV: Bill-length distributions in Dunlin*
V: Migratory progress of juvenile and adult Dunlin from the Baltic and the Waddensea perspective*
VI:Risk-prone or risk-averse? Dunlin Calidris alpina migrating with and without moult-gaps in the Baltic area. (A linking error to literature lists corrected 11.2.08)*
VII: Studies of migrating Dunlin in the Sound area: General discussion°
VIII:Circannual phenology of Dunlin on Fehmarn: an attempt to use field observations* by K. Hein and C. Persson.
WADERS, general
Ageing and sexing of waders, 25 pics 29.7.08.
Pictures of Turnstone from Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland, 8.11.06.