Log of major changes and additions

10.4.03 References not dealing with Dunlin were collected in a new document: caalpref2.html (later caalpref3.html), available only through the texts. Seven references for a start.

27.5.03 Underhill & Joubert 1995 and Goede & Nieboer 1983 added as references to moult paper; estimate of "growth on migration" changed to 3 % of feather mass. Four new references were added to paper on wintering and spring staging, the discussion was split into two sections, first: Needs of supplementary feeding versus need of protection from frostbite in midwinter, second: Wintering far to the north: Why take heavy winter losses in some years?. Some ten other references are still waiting to be added. The discussion of spring conditions will follow.

3.8, 10.8.03 Picture of "silver-edged" median added, the whole "adult buff" note revised. Now it will rest for a while, but later on I will add a complete ranking scale for juvenile medians in autumn.

8.11.03 Additions to "Recent recoveries", some new hypertext.

22.11.04 2c ratio, new heading on front page. [CP]

29.11.04 Feather weights, new heading on front page. [CP]

11.12.04 Two new figures (1 and 2) to moult paper, more will follow. [CP]

16.12.04 Figures of moult paper revised and new added, next the text will be revised. [CP]

1.2.05 New recovery in "Recent recoveries". [CP]

1.7.05 New recovery in "Recent recoveries". [CP]

8.2.05 New moult cards in the moult paper. [CP]

17.9, 20.9.05 Two new figures added to "The Meissner ranking scale", Fig. 1 corrected, minor additions to text. [CP]

24.2.06 On The Dunlin Website: "Risk-averse or risk-prone? Dunlin Calidris alpina migrating with and without moult-gaps in the Baltic area" published, with four new literature lists. [CP]

21.7.06 On The Dunlin Website: Provisional 2c ratio for 2006 in "2c ratio". [CP]

10.2.07 Literature list divided, and links corrected accordingly in all documents. [CP]

1.3.07 New heading "Counts, global" added. [CP]

21.3.07 Eight pictures from the Zoological Museum, Copenhagen added to pictures.

22.4.07 Four schinzii pictures from South Sweden.

6.8.07 New folder with pictures illustrating sex and age in waders. New adult buff pictures in Dunlin pics.

11.8.07 The 2007 value added to 2c ratio diagram.

22.8.07 New recovery added to recovery list.

21.9.07 New recovery added to recovery list.

25.9.07 Picture 45 uploaded, it had been forgotten. New pictures of Little Stint and Red-necked Stint added to "other" wader pics.

9.10.07 New recovery added to recovery list.

7.1.08 Addition to "Counts of Dunlins from all flyways...", data from Ireland and comment on exchange between Mediterranean and East Atlantic flyways. Links checked and corrected 19.1.

19.1.08 A dozen additions to Dunlin literature lists, Bird Study, The Auk and Condor papers linked to Internet versions of the same papers.

11.2.08 The linking of "Risk-averse or risk-prone..." to limikolref.html had overlooked that this folder had been split into two. The error is corrected from this date.

15.8.08 The 2008 value added to the 2c ratio diagram.

17.8.08 Juvenile Knot and adult Sanderling added to "sex and age in waders", the 2c ratio diagram updated.

6.5.09 Two pictures of schinzii and three of Californian spring migrants added to the picture collection.

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