2nd calendar year ratio in July/August Dunlin

Ratio of 2nd calendar year birds in adult Dunlin migration, Öresund area, SW Sweden, 1995 - 2009, value for 2007 up till and including 10 August, value for 2008 including 16 August, value for 2009 including 15 August. In the future totals will be lower; I cannot handle rising water levels, nor can the birds for the time being (new feeding grounds may eventually be created when today's coastal meadows get more or less permanently inundated). Total material, 1995 - 2009: 1296 3c+, 746 2c; overall 2c ratio 36.5 1.1 % is shown with stipled line. 1 s.e. drawn from each annual ratio, sample sizes next to points. Differences in absolute numbers between years are caused mainly by varying water levels. Overall median of both 2c and 3c+ birds: 30 July. The general impression is of a species in relative harmony with its environment; one third of the summer population being first-time breeders for the last dozen years or so.

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