Fig. 1. Important wintering sites for Dunlin in the south Baltic, the Belt Sea, the Sound and Kattegat. Filled squares = major, permanent wintering grounds, filled stars = minor, less permanent wintering grounds (visited or surrendered in ice-winters). Appr. limits for 20 (Kattegat), 15 (Belt Sea, the Sound) and 10 (the Baltic) salinity shown with dashed lines.


Fig. 2. Time-span of winter retraps and recoveries of Dunlin ringed in the Sound area. Unbroken line: birds recovered within a year, dashed line: more than one year between. J = bird in its first (before new year) or second calendar year, A = bird in at least its second (before new year) or third calendar year. One bird retrapped twice denoted with arrow.


.Fig. 3. Adult ratio 1 binomial s. e. in Dunlin caught on the Falsterbo peninsula from September to February, 1991 - 2000. SI = 1 - 15 September, etc., but in this diagram alone: NI = 1 - 19 November, NII 20 - 30 November. Sample size stated next to each ratio.

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